Joy In Movement Studio


Our studio is a place to embrace movement of all kinds leading to a healthier and happier community.


We want everyone who walks into our door to feel welcome, encouraged, motivated and eager to return.  Whether you are looking for a place to sweat it out in a power yoga class, want to get your feet wet using dance as exercise  or looking for yoga foundations and increased flexibility, you will find your movement here. 

Emily Christian-Michaels


What brings you joy?

Seeing people smile, being a doula and family.

Emily lives in Bellevue with her husband Sam, two boys Ellington and Bowie, dog and two cats.  She created Joy In Movement to further a sense of community around a healthy lifestyle and exercise. She feels that everyone can benefit from finding ways to move their bodies that bring them joy and health. 

Ali Long


What brings you joy?

Music, movement, and strong relationships bring me unbridled joy!

Ali first started practicing yoga seriously to find light during a dark time in graduate school for music. She repeatedly turned to her mat seeking a judgement-free place to find presence, joy, and light during a time of a lot of rejection and criticism. After moving away from her support network to become a public school music teacher, Ali found the yoga community to be so comforting and welcoming-- it is at this time that she started considering sharing this gift with others. She was already a teacher and loved yoga, so why not combine the two! Ali attended a yoga class with her disabled sister where her eyes were opened to just how many people she could reach with this gift, and she was sold! Ali completed her 200 hr YTT at One Point One Yoga in Pittsburgh, PA in January 2020. She also completed an Adaptive Yoga Training at Yoga Home in Conshohocken, PA. 


In my classes expect something for everyone! We will start slow, finding ease first, building into a strong, structured flow often leading to a peak pose. I will offer many adaptations and modifications to make every yogi feel welcome in my class. Class will end with a sweet, juicy savasana that will send you home smiling and peaceful.

Lauren Armanious


What brings you joy?

My husband, my family, my friends, and the ability to teach others things that I am passionate about bring me so much joy for which I am continually grateful.

After graduating college in 2010, and enduring countless injuries from playing collegiate softball, Lauren began to turn to anything that would assist her achy body. Her sister encouraged the idea of practicing yoga.  The first few classes were extremely challenging but the practice of yoga soon became part of her lifestyle. 


Lauren implements yoga as her main workout; practicing all styles of yoga 3-5 times a week for the past 10 years. However, the idea of yoga challenging and calming the mind and using breath work to energize the spirit took longer to apply, yet yielded powerful results.  She completed her YTT 200 hour training in 2020 from One Point One Yoga in Pittsburgh and immediately took to the well rounded, breath focused, and classically rooted approach to yoga to which Lauren was so deeply attracted.  


Lauren uses her ballet and athletic background in creating her sequences.  You can expect a well paced and fluid practice that focuses on linking the breath to movement, arriving at challenging yet interchangeable poses, with invigorating music to add to the theme of each class.  She holds a Masters in Teaching and works at Mount Pleasant Area School District as a Social Studies teacher where she also conducts yoga sessions for faculty, staff, and varsity sports teams.

Brittany Dilliott


What brings you joy? 

After two rounds of childhood cancer, my body was completely wrecked. Dance has helped me regain strength, flexibility, and stamina but most importantly, I fell in love with how it made me feel. Dance has brought so much joy into my life because I've met my closest friends, who have encouraged me all throughout my college education. 

Hello, my name is Brittany and I would love to have you join my class! I have been dancing for thirteen years and have recently graduated with a performance degree from Seton Hill University. My experience in college has taught me how to teach dance anchored in technique, strength building, and flexibility with an upbeat mindset. I believe that dance is for everyone and has many benefits. In my classes, we will work on cardio, dance stretches, posture, balance, and of! We will have a fun time warming up to my cardio playlist and working on combinations across the floor. Don't worry if you've never taken a dance class before, I have taught all skill levels and my classroom will be a positive space for everyone from beginner to advanced. I hope to see you there! 

Emily O'Mara


What brings you joy? 


Kayaking, hiking, and going for bike rides with my dog!  I also love exploring and experiencing new places and cultures. 


Yoga has been a part of my life for 15 years.  While growing up as a child and teenager, I was involved in many types of dance.  The older I grew, the more drawn to yoga I became. Yoga, to me, allows the practitioner to find their own limit, their own balance of physical and mental exertion and peace.


In October of 2019, I completed my 200-hour training in the practice and philosophy of Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin yoga at Yoga Vimoksha at the Beach House in Goa, India.


After returning home to Pittsburgh, I began to hone my new skills as an instructor by teaching my young nieces, nephews, and sisters.  I quickly discovered that I love teaching yoga to children and watching their self confidence bloom.

Dane Schneider


What brings you joy? 

Teaching yoga and Tai chi, but not how most people have experienced in a typical class setting where everyone follows the instructor and does the same poses.

My classes are totally focused on you, how you are feeling and what I can do to help you reach your long-term practice goals.
I take a personal trainer approach to yoga, demonstrating the next best pose to help you increase flexibility, strength and endurance. Of course, we have a great time working on breathing, hip openers, folds, inversions and so much more. But when you come to one of my classes, you’ll see everyone
practicing their own yoga at their own pace. And they love that!


Some people say that I’m addicted to yoga and Tai chi, because I practice poses all day long, whether I’m at work, driving around or doing anything else during my day. I say I live yoga, because of who it has helped me become and all of the wonderful health, psychological and spiritual benefits I enjoy every day.

If you would like to see what new adventures yoga and Tai chi can do for your life, sign up for one of my

Shawnte' Knox


What brings you joy? 

Being fully present when participating in activities and events that bring me joy. Joy is a choice, in any part of your journey. Choosing to be fully present and developing the mindset that you deserve time to reset and recharge is a powerful choice that has priceless results.

I am Shawnte Knox, Social Worker, ACE-certified Group Fitness Instructor, and Advocate. I specialize in creating specialized boot camps, HIIT (high intensity interval training), and senior exercise classes. 

I am dedicated to empowering and educating individuals about fitness, health and wellness, and the connection physical health has to mental health. My motto is "Work on becoming the best version of you because you are your only competition." Dedicating one hour a day to yourself is a great way to become intentional with creating space to work on you, for you! I am also the owner of Soul Health Chronicles LLC a health and wellness movement dedicated to shifting the mindset of self-care and fitness.

Morgan Walker


What brings you joy?

Donuts, Running, Yoga and spending time with my husband, Ryan and our two Boston Terriers.

Morgan lives in Bellevue and has been a Yoga Teacher in the Pittsburgh area since 2017. Morgan brings her 10 years of physical therapist assistant experience to her practice, ensuring injury prevention and a balance of stretching and strength. She currently attends Pittsburgh School of Massage where she plans to get her license in massage and continue her Reiki education and bring some of those elements to her yoga classes as well. When she’s not in school, working or teaching she and her husband enjoy distance running with a local Pittsburgh running club and taste testing all the donuts from Pittsburgh bakeries.

In my classes expect a nice warm up preparing our core and the muscles we will use in our standing series working to a peak pose and a nice cool down ensuring an entire body workout, stretch and “work in”. All levels welcome as I will give each stage of the pose, modifications and adjustments to make the class accessible. My hope is that you’ll leave class feeling at peace but also energized. 

Cynthia Burke


What brings you joy?

I try to seek joy from nearly everything. Plants, cats, and movement, from belly dance to Hatha yoga spark joy within me. I love music and expressing myself through dance, cooking, and photography. I find deep joy in spreading love, laughter, and generosity and hope to imbue this into my offerings here at Joy in Movement. 


Cynthia is a California native that became a joyful practitioner of yoga during her undergraduate studies at UC Santa Cruz in the early 2000s. She relocated to Pennsylvania in 2016 and completed her first 200 Yoga Teacher Training in 2018 at the Mystical Yoga Farm in Guatemala. Since then, she has continued her education to make her teaching style more accessible and inclusive. 


She believes yoga is for every BODY and strives to make her classes enjoyable, safe, and welcoming for all. She will be offering Hatha, Chair, and restorative yoga classes from a trauma-informed approach. She currently resides in Bloomfield with her rescue cat Mochi, and a vast array of beautiful house plants.

Mahogany Harrington


What brings you joy?

The first bite of a perfectly baked fudge brownie.

I first found yoga about a decade ago after taking an Intro To Yoga course in college at IUP. Since then, I have incorporated yoga into my daily lifestyle and fallen in love with the practice of high paced, chatarunga filled, Ashtanga Yoga. Something about the way you feel after working up an intense sweat and leaving it all on the mat really keeps me going!


I moved to Pittsburgh in July of 2016 and I have been living in the Belleve/ Avalon area for my entire duration. Since then, I have purchased a house and adopted several animals with hopes to adopt more (once I find the space!) I just completed my first 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training this summer and I am looking forward to continuing my practice by teaching and sharing with others.

Brielle Johnston 


What brings you joy?

Joy comes in different shapes and sizes.  Joy for me is seeing a smile appear on someone else's face. A smile that expresses a million thoughts and emotions.  Joy for me is learning about others through the connection of movement, yoga and simple smile.

Hello Everyone! My name is Brielle and I have been a yoga instructor for two year.  I also had the opportunity to teach one year of Parkinson's Yoga here in Pittsburgh and it was one of the most rewarding jobs I've ever had. I have a Bachelors in Education and I am very passionate about Health and Wellness.


I welcome you to get out of your comfort zone and join us in movement.  I promise to keep each class full of positive energy, laughs and lots of smiles! Let's put in some work!


Tiffany Bergman 


Natalie Roberson 


What brings you joy?

My tribe of friends, family, and small dogs. Yoga has given me so much peace and joy: after completing my first teacher training in 2011, I knew that sharing this practice with others was a gift. I call yoga "time travel." Not just the time that seems to go by during class, but the time it gives for reacting to situations. Even a split-second to think is valuable.

My classes focus on teaching a strong and varied practice with emphasis on accessibility, challenge, and fun. Even slow movements can be challenging in their own way. Yoga is meant to be practiced with enjoyment and without judgment. During class we use breath, body, silence, and synchronicity to optimize present-moment awareness and connection.

When not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find me working with data, knitting, reading, or writing for the NoBo Neighbor.


Alison Kappes Metz 


What brings you joy?

My family, animals, dancing and being able to share my love for movement brings me the greatest joy.

Alison is a former professional ballet dancer. She grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where she began her ballet training at the Milwaukee Ballet School.  She continued her dance training at the National Ballet School of Canada and at the Hamburg Ballet Schule. At 18, Alison began her professional ballet career with John Neumeier’s Hamburg Ballet, touring to Asia, South America and throughout Europe. Returning to the States, she danced professionally with the Sacramento Ballet, the Banff Summer Professional Dance Company in Canada and finally finished her 13-year professional career with five seasons at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. She has performed in many full-length classical and contemporary ballets. Alison retired from professional dance in 2011 and graduated with a B.S in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. She holds a Pilates Mat I and II certification from Power Pilates. She is also a certified yoga teacher in Tantra Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga and has a Reiki 1 level certification. She currently teaches ballet at several local ballet studios.


Her emphasis in teaching classes is to create a supportive and warm atmosphere where individuals feel embraced and open to exploring. She likes to work with each individual body’s possibilities to help them reach their fullest potential.


Alison lives in Edgeworth with her husband, two children and lots of critters.

Our Studio Policies


Class registration and payment are REQUIRED up to one hour before class begins.

Classes with only 1 student will be cancelled an hour before the start time.

Touch-less  forehead temperature checks are required when entering the studio. 

Masks MUST be worn in the studio.

Please turn cell phones to silent and leave them with your belongings.

Doors will be locked during all classes.

We encourage feedback of all kinds.

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